Coyote Club

The perfect introduction for your children to the great outdoors, lots of exciting events are planned throughout the weekend including:

The all important knife workshop which introduce the safety and fundamental use of knives & Fire Safety Workshop. Program of activities listed below. The first event for the coyote kids club and the coyotes will be a mandatory knife safety workshop on Friday morning. This  will be run by Ian Cresswell from Lonescout Bushcraft.

A note about Coyote & Coyote kids classes

The knife safety is run each morning so if you miss one, just like buses, there will be another along. Some of the other classes can only run at certain capacities not only for safety but to make sure those attending get a full learning experience. This means that your child may not always be able to attend the exact class you want them to do sometimes. We strive to keep as many activities rolling throughout the weekend for the younger bushcrafters with the den building, various archery and axe throwing stands and there is always something happening at the Wilderness Gathering Drop-in stand. There is a wealth of demonstrators on site who will gladly share skills and knowledge and answer questions patiently and there is always the swing park too.

The Coyotes is run by Ian Cresswell from Lonescout Bushcraft, he brings his infectious enthusiasm to share with the young bushcrafters that choose to join him over the weekend. He will be ably assisted for 2018 by Rowland Jones.

Coyotes activities for the 2018

  • GRANDSTAND OF SPORT COMPETITION - Axe Throwing, Archery & Catapult Shooting (over the whole weekend)
  • Knife Safety - Lonescout Bushcraft - mandatory for all Coyotes (1000 Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
  • Archery Instruction - Chosen Paths Bushcraft (1345 - 1445 Saturday)
  • Fire Workshop - Down In The Woods (1530 - 1630 Saturday)
  • Making Fish catching Equipment - Coastal Survival (1400 - 1500 Saturday)
  • Firelighting Skills - Serious Outdoor Skills (1130 - 1230 Saturday)
  • Prehistoric Cave Art Workshop - Smilodon Prehistoric Arts & Crafts (1400 onwards Friday)
  • Wonderfully Creative Willow Project - Wyldwood Willow - 10 places (1115 - 1215 Saturday)
  • Tarps & Ties - Woodland Survival Crafts (1600 - 1700 Saturday)
  • Make Your Own Leather Tinder Bag - Woodland Ways (1115 - 1215 Sunday)
  • Carve a Throwing Stick - Institute For Outdoor Learning (1200 - 1300 Sunday)
  • Char Cloth, Flint & Steel, have a go - Survival School Bristol (1445 - 1545 Sunday)
  • Practical Water Safety - Survival Medical (1345 - 1445 Sunday)
  • Drilling into Bone, Stone & Wood using Stoneage Tools - Traditional Leather (1300 - 1400 Sunday)
  • Carving Wood Cookies - Central Somerset Outdoor
  • Make a Flint Arrow Knife Handle with Natural Glue - Willow Lohr
  • Owl Pellet Dissection - Bushcraft Education
  • Medicine Making - Jackie Saull-Hunt
  • Peg Loom Weaving - Central Somerset Outdoor
  • Bone Wind Chimes, Sounds of Life and Death - Zeki Basan
  • Pole Lathing- Ben Orford
  • Lamp Carving - Simon Barnard - max 6 participants
  • Camoflauge and Concealment - Ian Cresswell
  • Fire Lighting by various means - JP

"The feedback we received from the Coyotes over the weekend was excellent, as was the feedback from their parents. We have received just as positive feedback over the last few weeks, and word has gotten out even to people who weren't there!!"

For the 2018 Gathering there is an exciting range of activities for 5 to 10 year olds. The Coyote Kids programme has been carefully designed to ensure that everyone can engage and achieve at a level appropriate to their age and ability and will be overseen by Steve Sutherland from Hidden Woods. With a background in event management and outdoor pursuits, in 2012 Steve founded Hidden Woods, a forest school and woodland activity centre located just 30 mins from the Gathering, between Bath and Warminster. A father of two young children himself, Steve is passionate about crea.

Coyote Kids activities for the 2018 gathering

  • Archery Instruction - Chosen Paths Bushcraft
  • Parachord People, Keyrings, Knots & String - Down in the Woods
  • Make a Fish Trap with Beach Rubbish - Coastal Survival
  • Firelighting Skills - Seriuos Outdoor Skills
  • Lamp Carving - Simon Barnard - max 6 participants
  • Basket Work - Wyldwood Willow
  • Prehistoric Cave Art Workshop - Smilodon Prehistoric Arts & Crafts (1000 onwards Friday)
  • What to do in an Emergency - Survival Medical
  • Leaf Print Candles - Willow Lohr
  • Firelighting and Tinder - Bushcraftuk School
  • Medicine Making - Jackie Saull-Hunt
  • Camp Craft
  • Team Building and Initiative Challenges
  • Cordage
  • Make a sun clock
  • Weather Station
  • Journey Stick
  • Stalking Games
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Trail Codes