Instructors & Schools

Patrick McGlinchey

Backwoods Survival School

Life among the rugged shorelines & wilds of the Scottish Highlands inspired Patrick from an early age. Originally trained as an artist, a fascination with wilderness living led him to study at one of the original survival schools where he went on to teach for several years before setting up Backwoods in 2002. He travels extensively to learn practical skills from indigenous peoples and through constant study and experimentation has developed an unrivalled practical knowledge of ancient crafts and essential techniques. He is frequently found sharing his expertise on TV, as a regular presenter on Landward and many other shows. Last summer he built a 20ft replica Neolithic skin boat to carry 9 people on a voyage across the Pentland Firth for BBC’s “Orkney, Britain’s Ancient Capital”.

Willow Lohr

Willow's Bushcraft

Dutch-born Willow has spent most of her life living in the rugged conditions and dramatic landscape of the Scottish Highlands where she feels most at home. An internationally qualified tracker of animal spoor and sign. She taught herself spinning, buckskin and fish skin tanning, leatherwork, felting, bone and wood carving, indigenous arts, plant crafts and tipi making. She served a 3 year apprenticeship with Juha Rankinen and went on to instruct bushcraft courses for both Ray Mears and Woodsmoke where she was awarded the Hazel-Handled Instructors' knife by Ben and Lisa McNutt of Woodsmoke. She now teaches all over Scotland as a freelance bushcraft instructor teaching bespoke courses to rangers, outdoor leaders, forest schools, survival enthusiasts and a variety of private outdoor schools.

Dave Watson

Woodland Survival Crafts

In  1995 Dave set up Woodland Survival Crafts Ltd making one of the very longest established schools of Bushcraft in the UK. Recognised by the Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) as an Approved Provider and assessor of Training for the Bushcraft Competency Certificate he regularly trains and Mentors other professionals in order to enhance their skills/understanding. In 2007 Dave instigated what is now the Bushcraft Professional Practice Group within the IOL and organises workshop events around the country with other fellow professionals. One of our main objectives is to build confidence and understanding to any and all our customers whether they are 5 or 75 years old. Bushcraft is a universal set of skills and we have and still do work with anyone from families, schools, outdoor professional s, businesses and increasingly individuals.

Chris Pryke

Down In the Woods

Christopher’s outdoor training and interest started with the Air Cadets and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. He obtained Bronze, Silver and Gold awards by the age of 17. Christopher believes that Bushcraft is the practical process of learning from the environment you find yourself in, adapting the knowledge and training you have to it and living comfortably in it by becoming part of that environment. Christopher was an Assistant Ranger on Frensham Common working on conservation projects. He continued his training with a “Forest School Level 3 Qualification from Bridgwater college ”and the “Level 4 Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership” with John Rhyder’s “Woodcraft School”.

Dan Aylmer

Dan Aylmer

We are a small company based in Hampshire but offer a wide range of skills covering bushcraft and survival in both the modern and primitive ways.

All of our courses and expeditions are tailored to give you an insight into the self reliant way of life and to make you feel safe, comfortable in your natural surroundings and of course have fun. We only offer a very high standard of tuition using highly experienced instructor's with plenty of dirt time and knowledge who love doing what they do.

Tom Linden

Premier Preppers and Survivalist Radio

An N.C.O. instructor with the Royal Observer Corps for 12 years specialising in the Effects of Nuclear Weapons. He was a North Yorkshire County Council Community Defence Adviser for 4 years and helped to provide the countries first ever emergency survey of a town to provide an action plan for that community, that town was Harrogate. He also ran his own survival school in North Yorkshire in the 80’s as well as a survival club for local kids. He is now the station manager and UK host for UKPRN-UK the Premier Preppers and Survivalist Radio Show He has been prepping since the late 70’s when he joined the R.O.C. and although most survivalists are not preppers he knows that most preppers are survivalists. This is why he combines prepping and survival information on his show and it works very well.

Ian Cresswell

Lonescout Bushcraft

Lonescout Bushcraft is born of a lifetime of working with people and a passion for the outdoors. As an Accredited Practitioner with the Institute for Outdoor Learning and a holder of their Foundational Bushcraft Competency Certificate, Ian Cresswell offers a flexible response to your Bushcraft and Survival educational needs. It has been said that we have become apart from nature rather than a part of nature. Lonescout believes this to be the case, evidenced in the way that we abuse our Earth, destroying it increasingly quickly with our consume all and hang the consequences attitude. Lonescout firmly believes that to begin to grasp the global issue then we must become aware of our own local picture and develop a respect for our garden, school ground, park, recreation ground, woodland etc.

Jason Ingamells

Woodland Ways

Jason Ingamells, owner of the highly regarded Bushcraft Course and Expedition provider, Woodland Ways, which operates throughout the globe with instructors delivering expeditions to Kenya, South Africa, Croatia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Sweden and much more. UK based, their large team of full time instructors also deliver courses from ½ day workshops to the well renowned 2 year Bushcraft course, The Woodland Wayer. All the instructors have years of experience teaching traditional wilderness living skills. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, in his spare time Jason is also a Director for the Woodland Ways Bushcraft Foundation, a UK based charity supporting tribal peoples, co owner of Wild Earth Productions and can often be found testing his skills out across a variety of terrains, including his home zone of the Peak District.

Jonny Crockett

Survival School

Survival School believes that wilderness bushcraft is about - Learning to live with nature, Enjoying yourself, Respecting the environment, Pushing back the boundaries of what you are capable of, Learning new skills and meeting new people, Trying new ideas. Survival School courses are designed to be fun and safe, whilst passing on the knowledge you need to be able to live comfortably in the wilderness. Our instructors will spend time with each participant, ensuring that they get enough knowledge and practice on each skill to be able to master it before leaving the course. All courses are practical, hands on experiences. You will get the chance to try new skills and techniques, see the edible plants in their natural habitat, build your own shelters and have all the fun and laughs that go with wilderness bushcraft.

Tony Deacon

Tony Deacon

Tony Deacon has been an angler and interested in the outdoors since he can remember. He has fished for a variety of fresh and salt water species in Europe, North America and Southern Africa.

Tony has held the prestigious Advanced Professional Game Angling Instructor (APGAI) qualification since 1989, was sometime Director of the Game Angling Instructors' Association, Editor of the Flydresser magazine and tackle and equipment reviewer for Britain 's oldest game angling monthly magazine. Tony has a B.Sc Hons degree in metallurgy.

Fraser Christian

Coastal Survival School

Coastal Survival School run Bushcraft Survival courses to help you experience, practice and understand Bushcraft Survival skills and resources in a coastal location. Coastal survival school use many different and diverse coastal locations. We are based near the Devon/Dorset boarders and currently run courses along the Jurassic Coast and the Llyn peninsula in North West Wales. Coastal survival school courses are suitable for all skill levels, individuals and groups of up to 12 can enjoy having fun learning valuable skills. The UK Coast line is a beautiful and sometimes wild environment, with an abundance of wild food, fish and shellfish. Learn how to collect, catch and cook them, along with the other essential skills needed to both Survive and enjoy the great outdoors.

Matt Lloyd

Survival School Bristol

Survival School Bristol is a centre dedicated to teaching Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Living Skills. We do all that whilst you learn to live with nature, enjoy yourself, respect the environment and push back the boundaries of your capabilities.

We specialise in teaching amazing new skills and providing the knowledge for you to live in the wilderness. You’ll get to try out lots of new activities and ideas whilst having a serious amount of fun!

Survival School courses are designed to be fun and safe, (we employ a Health and Safety Consultant) whilst passing on the knowledge you need to be able to live comfortably in the wilderness.

Roger Harrington

Bison Bushcraft

Roger Harrington is the man behind Bison Bushcraft, one of the long established Bushcraft schools in The UK. Whilst known to many as a custom knife maker and co-organiser of The Wilderness Gathering, Roger is also passionate about crafts associated with wilderness living and has a knowledge of Bushcraft and related skills accumulated over several years experience in the outdoors. Roger employs a friendly, confident and hands on approach to Bushcraft training and you’ll often find Bison Bushcraft expeditions to remote wilderness areas such as Northern Canada or The Rocky Mountains, where everybody involved truly lives off the land. Bison will make sure you have the full training to undertake such journeys with a comprehensive set of realistic courses born from experience to equip you for your travels.

Ian Bonthrone

Ian Bonthrone

Survival & Medical Services provides training and equipment to equip you for real world survival situations. Drawing on nearly 30 years experience as a Search & Rescue Winchman, Adventurer & HEMT Ian Bonthrone and his wife Julie, a former HM Coastguard, have a vast experience of what works and what does not when faced with a true survival situation.

Our aims are to provide the best possible advice on Survival & Medical Equipment to suit the environment, based on experience and practicality, and to provide training that stimulates thinking and simulates the ‘real’ world environment that you may face now or in the future

Jason Sears

Jason Sears

Jason has a lifelong passion for the outdoors life with a particular fascination for the forests and the skills of the people who have lived and worked in them. This led to Jasons enthusiasm for the bowdrill and his desire to help others master this skill. He has explored the forests of Norway in winter and the lakes of Sweden in summer where the need to keep warm, dry and fed depends very much on an ability to process wood and make fire. Keen to develop his knowledge of bushcraft and the natural world, Jason was fortunate to participate in a 4-day course in the UK with Mors Kochanski and since that time, has been committed to develop his teaching skills and share his knowledge with others. Jason intends to continue his own learning journey and also to help others to improve their own understanding of nature and outdoor skills.

Dr Theresa Kamper

Dr Theresa Kamper

Theresa is an avid practitioner of traditional living skills and primitive technology and has followed this interest into the academic field of Experimental Archaeology, in which she holds a Master’s degree from the University of Exeter. Recently graduated with a PhD from the same institution, on the microscopic analysis of prehistoric tanning technologies. Theresa was lucky enough to grow up in a family of outdoor enthusiasts in Wyoming, US. Her enthusiasm extends to hunting, fishing and tracking in the vast wilderness surrounding her home. Theresa has taught various tannage types such as fat tan, vegetable tan, alum taw and rawhide production to groups ranging from avid bush crafters to University students for the past 5 years, drawing on her extensive experience to provide an understanding of the tanning process.

Morten Kutschera

Morten Kutschera

Morten Kutschera is a master flint knapper, experimental archaeologist and well known replica-maker based in Bergen, Norway. With over 25 years’ experience working in public archaeology, giving lectures and flint knapping demonstrations at museums across Norway, he has been one of the pioneers in teaching prehistory through activity-based instruction. His ideas and replicas are currently widely used in teaching programs across Norway within his company 'Morten Kutschera's Prehistoric Arts and Crafts'. Over the years, however, his interests and experience have expanded to encompass materials besides stone and he is now capable of reproducing a wide range of tools, weapons, accessories and utensils from different time periods using bone, antler, wood, and other organic materials.

Bob Podesta

Bob Podesta

Bob Podesta (MID) served a total of 27 years in the Army, 25 of which were with the SAS. Aged just 21, his first operational tour of duty with the Regiment was in Oman. He completed a further seven tours in Oman where he received a nomination for braver. Come and shoot on the A Squadron airsoft battle range, where you’ll be put through your paces by ex SAS hero Bob Podesta MID - star of BBC’s special forces Ultimate Hell Week. Plus learn essential survival skills from the military perspective.

Jack Hendry

jack Hendry

Jack’s passion for the outdoors started from an early age. He spent every spare moment exploring Dartmoor and the nearby forests in which he would practice shelter building, learning how to make traps and experimenting with fire. Jack began to attend several bushcraft and survival courses, being taught by some of the most respected figures in the industry. Jack realised he had more to offer and felt that becoming an instructor himself was the next route to take. Jack has gained his Level 4 NCFE Bushcraft, Survival and Wilderness Living Skills Instructor and Mentor Certificate as well as an essential Outdoor First Aid Qualification and Food Hygiene Certificate – Level 2.