Your opportunity to get up close and personal with some of todays leading Bushcraft instructors, each Masterclass is an in-depth session designed to give you focussed, comprehensive hands-on instruction. Masterclasses run throughout the weekend at the Gathering and numbers are limited to ensure you get the Instructors full attention.

You'll need to book your Masterclass in advance, at the same time as your weekend ticket is ideal. To avoid disppointment book early as they are well attended and places are usually filled quickly.

NOTE: Last chance to book Masterclass tickets in advance by Friday 11th August 2017, and if by any chance there are any remaining places these will be available at the front desk from Wednesday 16th August 2017, these will be sold on a first come first served basis.

The 2016 Masterclasses, 2017 Masterclasses coming soon

Will Lord


Friday 10.00 - 11.30 & 14.00 - 15.30

Special Masterclass

Flintknapping - make a flint axe head, 2 special masterclasses with Will Lord, limited to just 5 participants each class.

Instructor: Will Lord

Will Lord


Sunday 21st August at 10am

Make a flint scraper used for working hides, a burin for using on bone and antler to make needles, awls, harpoons etc, a backed blade from a blade core used for slicing meat and hide, a saw for cross cutting bone and antler and finally best attempts to make a flint arrowhead using pressure flaking technology

Instructor: Will Lord

Willow Lohr


Friday 19th August at 10am

Tanning salmon skins and making fish leather is a nearly forgotten specialist skill. This is true on a global scale. Today, fish skins are mostly considered a waste product, but many indigenous people knew how to utilise fish skins and made beautiful items with fish leather; from purses and pouches to boots and clothing. During this workshop you will learn to tan your own salmon skin into lovely soft leather. You will use traditional simple handtools and natural products, so that you can easily continue with your newfound skill at home.

Instructor: Willow Lohr

Craig Grant


Sunday 21st August at 2pm

Birch bark crafts, an in-depth look into this important natural resource. From fire , folk lore, shelter to canoes. we take a closer look at this fascinating material. learn and explore its uses in humankinds history. During the session you will be guided in making your very own birch bark container , using a number of ancient and modern Bushcraft skills.

Instructor: Craig Grant

Fraser Christian


Saturday 20th August at 10am

Using simple to follow step by step weaving. Learn some basics on working with willow and take home with you the trap that you make. A run through on the where, when and how to use the trap, what different baits to use for targeting such delights as crab, lobster, prawns or fish. Suitable for beginners, all materials and tools provided.

Instructor: Fraser Christian

Dave Watson


Saturday 20th August at 2pm

A great opportunity to gain some real insight and confidence using this method of friction firelighting. Dave Watson will demonstrate the Hand drill technique. You will gain an understanding about the materials and preparation that are required and then Dave will guide you through each step of the way until you get success after success.

Instructor: Dave Watson

Dr Theresa Kamper


Friday 19th August at 2pm

Before the advent of modern tanning agents, humans were turning raw skin into usable leather products using materials readily available to them from the surrounding environment. This masterclass will focus on tanning furs with a variation of fat tanning using brains as the dressing agent. The class will cover rehydrating dried furs, de-fleshing, dressing and softening the skins. Comfortable, easy-to-use tools, and detailed handouts covering the tanning process will be provided in addition to instruction. So, please join in a course sure to contain plenty of memorable moments in addition to lots of practical information!

Instructor: Dr Theresa Kamper

Ruby Taylor


Thursday 18th August at 4pm

Make a foraging basket to hang across your body (keeping your hands free to do the foraging) from wild reed mace, Typha latifolia. It's a strong and supple material to weave with, and readily available to forage. You'll learn when and how to harvest and prep the material. And you'll learn the twining technique, including how to do pairing, shaping techniques, borders and a simple strap. Suitable for adults with some previous weaving experience.

Instructor: Ruby Taylor