Medieval Arrows, Prim Tech Arrows and Target Arrows.

This course is run by Phil, a Traditional Bowyer who runs Phil Brooke Longbows and is head instructor at Woodcraft School.

The Traditional Arrow Making Workshop

This exciting workshop runs over four days and aims to gives you the knowledge and skills to make a Range of Arrows from modern target style arrows, primitve hunter gather arrows and also medieval war arrows that youll make using traditional medieval methods. Over the three days youll work with sawn out timber you'll prepare yourselves and self arrows made from stems of shrubs with excellent qualites for arrow making. Tracing back the designs to the earliest arrows of Europe’s mesolithic hunter gathers, through to the those great Arrows of war. On this workshop we make and discover how our ansestors made Arrows to suit there needs of warfare or hunter gather lifestyles. Self Arrow designs using round wood timber we prepare and fell ourselves in Sussex and Bushman style arrows.

Course content

  • Material Selection
  • Species Selection
  • Carpentry Techniques
  • Deflection and Spinning arrows
  • Horn Nock inserts - feathers
  • Cutting and preparing feathers
  • Self Nocks
  • Primitate Glues
  • Medieval Glues
  • Fletchings
  • Whipping and Binding
  • Modern Points/Piles
  • Medieval Bodkins and Primitive Arrow Heads

The cost of this course and weekend ticket is £275 per person - you can BOOK your course/weekend ticket on the ticket page, limited to 8 places.

Arrival is from 1000, start time with phil and his team is 1pm on the Thursday and 9am there after finishing around 5pm so there's plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the festival and evenings . The workshop finishes on the Sunday afternoon, you will need to arrive and set up on the Thursday from 10pm.


  • 1300 - 1700 hrs Thursday
  • 0900 - 1700 hrs Friday to Sunday

booking - 8 places

You can book your place on this course which includes your weekend ticket HERE.

Tel: 0845 8387062 for further information